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Waarom bestelt u bij ons?

  • elk schilderij is uniek !
  • elk schilderij handgeschilderd !
  • randen standaard meegeschilderd!
  • prijs is incl. opspannen & ophangset
  • GRATIS verzending in NL & B
  • levertijd slechts 20 werkdagen
  • niet goed = geld terug
  • ALLE AFMETINGEN zijn mogelijk
  • klantenservice: +31 (0)570 526439


Giusi Tomasello, coorporation artist

I’m a Sicilian born artist with polish mother and I have  always been in love with the impressive art and beauty of these countries as of their excesses. I studied in Art School and finished my MA in Industrial Design and Fashion in Milan. My passion for new ideas and the excitement coming from the North took my path to London where I moved in 2004.

Since then I experienced working as artwork and graphic designer for Fashion luxury labels based in Milan, London and Paris. These opportunities allowed me to work using different media and techniques from collage, to digital generated images and painting and sowing.I realized the creative limits of briefs and trends so I started my own work using mixed media including collage techniques as traditional arts inspired by my own roots and experience.

My work has been selected by Ray Davies from the KINKS to show inhis recording studio in London, KONK Studios, for the first Art Show which was the most important experience in my Art path so far. My paintings have also been displayed in different exhibitions and art fairs in East and West London including the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, Candid Galleries in Angel, Cultivate in Vyner Street, Parallax in Chelsea Town Hall on King’s Road and  in the Palace of Arts in Krakow (Poland).

My work is  very personal and changes with my moods, passions and life experiences. It’s a growing process as my passions grow. I painted famous personalities  that I found inspiring as some surreal images to express my feelings.

Some words to describe my work:

Dark Beauty, Attitude, Love, Pain, Obsession, Excess, Music, Fairytales, Deep Minds, Faded Truth, Timeless, Black, Gold, Red, Baroque


Spoorstraat 7
7437TR, Bathmen ( OV )
T: +31 (0) 570 526439
E: info@schilderijhuis.nl

KVK  : 53121066 

Schilderijhuis.nl is onderdeel van CQstijl.nl

Niet goed, geld terug!
Niet goed, geld terug!


Waarom koopt men bij ons?

  • Betrouwbaar kunst bestellen
  • Geen alledaagse schilderijen
  • Betaalbaar
  • Prijs inclusief: btw, opspannen en verzenden
  • Beperkte oplage
  • Niet goed, geld terug!
  • Alles van en samen met onze kunstenaars
  • Elk schilderij handgeschilderd met olieverf!
  • Randen worden standaard meegeschilderd 
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